- Dodgeball
- Battle Royale
- The Juggernaut

- Team Deathmatch
- Capture The Flag

Facebook drop-in games

Groups (up to 16 players)

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- Bow, Arrows, Mask
- Setup w/ Bunkers
- 15 mins of Training

- 90 mins of Gaming
- Game Referee
- Bottled Water
- Photographer





 This sport is great for almost anyone, regardless of sporting background or physical stature. We do recommend ages 12 and up, to ensure players have the proper arm strength for shooting the bow. Anyone under 18 must have a parent sign the waiver form.

Like many sports, we do not recommend playing if you are pregnant or have a heart/lung condition.
 Archery Dodgeball is one of the world's fastest growing sports. It's similar to paintball but uses bows and foam tipped arrows as weapons. Players feel little pain when hit and will rarely bruise. The field playing surface (similar size to a tennis court) will include 6 bunkers and a safe zone. We have game choices for all different levels of experience.

Ideal for birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate events, team building, church groups. 

We're everywhere - Archery Warfare is a fully mobile operator. We bring the equipment, staff and most importantly the fun to a location of your choice. We require a playing surface the size of a tennis court (school gym, park, backyard) and we'll tranform it into an archery dodgeball arena. We’ll include travel up to 30 minutes but contact us if further away.




We're flexible - We can run events throughout the day on weekdays and weekends. If playing outdoors, it's recommended that start time be no later than 2 hours prior to sunset.

Archery Warfare is open from
May 1st to October 1st
​7 days a week
​​It's active, exhilarating, convenient and safe. Our foam-tip arrows are built to not break at the tip, all equipment is inspected and cleaned prior to use.​​

In the unlikely event that someone gets injured or winded, our staff is trained in first aid.
​​ We're helpful - Send us a booking inquiry with all the details and questions and we'll be in touch shortly to get your event sorted out.


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